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Who we are and What we do

        We are a boutique dog breeder located near the historic Natchez Trace Parkway close to Nashville TN.  We have access to and implement the latest science-backed techniques used by all top breeders. We partner with a local and highly skilled veterinarian to ensure that all of our dogs remain happy and healthy.

       I have been involved with dog breeding since I was 5 years old and understand the science of breeding.  We have raised Poodles, Shelties, German Shepherds, Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.  Over the years I have learned a lot about producing the happiest and healthiest puppies. Starting with the selection of the parents that will generically produce superior offspring and then nurturing the puppies in the perfect environment with special techniques.  I am an educator and lifelong learner.  Currently my husband and I are raising three adorable children as well as doodles.  We have decided to specialize in raising doodles primarily because of the demand for allergy-friendly dogs. We believe doodles are a great hybrid that produces the brightest and healthiest companions. Our animals are part of our family and sleep with our children each night. During the nurturing process  the puppies will eat in the kitchen, play in the bonus room and romp in a large fenced yard. Each day the puppies are introduced to new stimuli in the environment as well as behavior reinforcement so they can easily understand the world around them and how they fit in. 

       Our youngest spends hours stretched out by the puppies, petting them and teaching them from birth that human touch is gentle. Our oldest child has completed basic training with our poodle, and has mastered the agility training offered by K9 training. Our middle child provides bio-sensory training for each litter, and he and his sister help with delivery of the puppies. My husband creates the special recipes that keep the puppies' mother in great shape while she is pregnant and insure that she has plenty of milk for a healthy litter.

      Our breeding dogs have been DNA tested and will never pass degenerative myelopathy or Von Willebrand’s disease to our puppies. The Bernese Mountain dogs we use come from the Ukraine and  embody the fabulous personality that characterizes the Bernese Mountain dog and the blocky head and barrel chest that produce gorgeous Bernedoodles. Our breeding dogs have the genetics to produce the tri-colored pups that have been so desirable. 

        Puppies from Natchez Trace Doodles will be accustomed to all types of floor surfaces: carpet, cement, hard wood, wood deck and backyard turf. They will have run and played in the large fenced in backyard and will have heard television, pots and pans clanking, music and sounds of kids playing. They will have watched their mother use the doggy door and be well on their way to potty training. They will have had interaction with children, adults and the elderly.  Growing up in our family atmosphere creates a solid foundation for their future growth and development.

Tri Colored Moyen Poodle in Wagon with Boys
Tri-Colored Moyen Poodle taking a walk by the Creek
Cookie! The Tri-Colored Moyen Poodle chillin on the sofa with Family
Give me a Kiss! - Little boy kissing mini bernedoodle puppy
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