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Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heart warming!
Boy letting Tri-Colored Bernedoodle sleep.
Tri-Colored Bernedoodle puppies in a barrel looking real cute!
A little boy has tri-colored Bernedoodle sleeping on his chest.
Young girls hugging two tri-colored bernedoodles on green lawn.
Look! They are all lined up. Tri-Colored Bernedoodle puppies in a row.
Two boys sitting on sofa with tri-colored Bernedoodle. Say Cheese!
Did I just hear you say Walk! Bernedoodle puppy in chair tilting head.
Boy gets Tri-Colored Bernedoodle for Christmas!  HO HO HO!
Boy cuddling with new born tri-colored Bernedoodle.
Tri-Colored Bernedoodle giving a boy a kiss.
genetically perfect tri-colored Bernedoodle playing on toy slide.
Closeup of a tri-colored Bernedoodle showing beautiful brown,black and white colors.
Tri-Colored Bernedoodle dressed up and posing in the beautiful snowy day.
Tri-Colored Bernedoodle puppies taking a nap in play pin.
Genetically perfect Tri-Colored Bernedoodle on turquoise rug with boy.
Merle Bernedoodle playing in the yard.
Tri-Colored Bernedoodle playing with a rope toy.
Boy with a big grin in car with Tri-Colored Bernedoodle.

These Bernedoodles are so adorable.

Wood Background 4 (Small).jpg
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