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Tri-Colored Bernedoodle with great brown eyebrows is very curious.

We cannot say enough great things about our experience with Natchez Trace Doodles! Michelle made herself available via text/email/phone whenever we had a question during our process of getting our Bernedoodle! We luckily had the chance to visit the puppies in Nashville as we live close by, and the care and love Michelle’s family gives the puppies is tremendous! We feel so lucky to have a Bernedoodle from Natchez Trace! We couldn’t ask for anything more in a breeder! You can feel confident you are getting a puppy that was well cared for with optimal socialization and health in their first 8 weeks of life. We look forward to working with Michelle and her family in the future for our next puppy!
Hannah and Bubba

Scout the tri-colored Bernedoodle looks very distinguished.

We had such a wonderful experience with Natchez Trace Doodles. Michelle was so helpful throughout the process and still answers our questions as we have them along the way. Scout is a very sweet and loving puppy, and she came to us at 8 weeks already well socialized and able to use a doggie door! She has a wonderful temperament, and she is very good with children and other dogs. Scout is very smart – she was housetrained fast and passed her puppy training class with flying colors. She does not shed and is hypoallergenic. She is also beautiful and has tri-color markings – a walk in the park involves constant requests for information about both the breed and the breeder! I highly recommend Natchez Trace Doodles.

Shannon Goff Kukulka  recommends Natchez Trace Doodles.

Maple the tri-colored Bernedoodle is having a great time at the beach.

I can’t say enough positive things about working with Michelle and Natchez Trace Doodles. She was so helpful every step of the way and we knew our puppy was growing up in a loving home environment. We are so happy with our Maple - she is playful, sweet and so gentle. Thank you!

Claire O'Melia  recommends Natchez Trace Doodles. · 

Kalimotxo the Bernedoodle is playing with his best friend.

We are so in love with our new Bernedoodle puppy Kalimotxo. She's smart and friendly and so good with our children. Michelle and Steve were a dream to work with. They sent so many pictures and answered so many questions and could not have been more professional or lovely. We would happily recommend them to family and friends who are looking to welcome a dog into their home.

Victoria Germano  recommends Natchez Trace Doodles.

Dolly the Bernedoodle is looking very chill.

We got our sweet puppy Dolly from Natchez Trace Doodles and couldn’t be more glad! The puppies are raised in a family home and receive so much love and exposure to new things and sounds. Michelle is very flexible, kind, patient and communicative. We are so glad to have found them and couldn’t love our Dolly girl more!!

Rachel Catherine

Little girl taking a walk her Bernedoole named Bernadette.

Having 2 kids with allergies and asthma I was nervous about finding the right dog. We were interested in Bernedoodles but, I was t sure how my daughter would do. Michelle and her family were awesome. They answered every question quickly and even let us come meet Cola to see how my daughter would do. We were sold on getting one right after that moment. Michelle did an amazing job of communicating all during cookies pregnancy and sending out pics once the puppies were born. She continually also gives me recommendations if I have a question and we just have adored working with them!
Bernadette, came to us just as promised, healthy and well loved. She is super smart, loves the kids and adapting well! We can not imagine life without her! My sis in law was so impressed she put a deposit on upcoming little! Would recommend Natchez Trace Doodles 100%!!!! 

Sami Rico Weiland  recommends Natchez Trace Doodles.

dixie the Bernedoodle gets a birthday party.

We first learned about Natchez Trace Doodles because my brother and SIL brought home their sweet puppy last summer. The week we met sweet Bernie we knew we wanted to get a Bernedoodle from Michelle. We were lucky enough to put a deposit down on Cookie’s last litter and anxiously waited in anticipation. Michelle was so great about communicating the process. When we got to come pick out our puppy it was so clear how involved her whole family is with the puppies. There was no doubt these puppies have been shown love since the day they were born. The most difficult part of the process was picking the puppy because they are all so cute and sweet. We could not be happier with the puppy we chose. Her temperament is so sweet and loving and she is so smart! I know this has to do with the amazing family she came from. We would 100% get another puppy from Natchez Trace Doodles. If you choose to bring another family member in your life you will not regret working with this family!! Thank you for bringing so much love to our lives with Dixie! 🐶🐾

Larissa Smith  recommends Natchez Trace Doodles.

Wow! Gorgeous Bernedoodle Puppy - GarysGotGram

We love love love our puppy (Gary) and couldn’t have asked for a better experience working with Michelle. This was our first puppy together and Michelle kept us updated with the birth, weekly weights and photos, and was always there to answer all of our questions. Our puppy came to us healthy and happy and he is an absolute delight. Thank you for being the best Breeder we could ask for!

Abby & Bryan

Darcy the very playful Bernedoodle.

I can’t say enough wonderful things about working with this family! Our gorgeous puppy, Darcy, was a gift to our boys from “Santa Claus.” She was due to be sent to her forever home in the early fall so I asked if we could postpone picking her up until the week of Christmas. Michelle was so accommodating and even send me frequent photos and updates so we could see how Darcy was doing. When Darcy arrived at our home she was potty trained, crate trained, good with other dogs, and most importantly very calm with our two young boys. I am so grateful to Natchez Trace Doodles for helping us give our kiddos the best Christmas surprise ever!

Jodi Drake reviewed Natchez Trace Doodles — 5 stars

What a Face! Sasha has a beautiful look.

We could not be happier with our puppy and our experience with Natchez Trace Doodles. Sasha is adorable and has a perfect temperament- playful, gentle, cuddly, and sweet. Michelle was wonderful about communicating and sending photos in the weeks before Sasha came home with us, and was there to answer questions afterwards as well. We highly recommend this wonderful breeder!

Julie S.

All I need is a good book! - Bernedoodle Phoebe

Our family has been looking for a doodle for a couple years, researching and speaking with different breeders from several states.  After deciding on a Bernedoodle and speaking with Michelle I knew we would find the perfect addition to our family.  Michelle kept us up to date and was always available for questions. The entire process was transparent.   We chose a girl, Phoebe, and it's been love at first site.  She is so cute, with beautiful markings and an outgoing personality.  Everyone who sees her is in awe of her.  Even my vet and his entire staff look forward to our visits, they all want to come see Phoebe!  If you are looking for a Bernedoodle, look no further than Natchez Trace Doodles.  


Can I go out and play? - Olive the Bernedoodle

(Olive) has exceeded my expectations!... Thank you so much for being such a loving and compassionate breeder!  What a great way to get started.  Please don't change your style.  I promise she will be well loved in this forever home. 


Let's go! - Cooper te Benedoodle

When our family decided that we wanted to purchase a puppy we did a lot of searching for a Bernedoodle breeder. Although we are in the state of PA, purchasing a puppy from you was as easy as if we lived down the street. After talking with Margaret and Michelle, my questions were all thoroughly answered throughout the process and I felt very comfortable knowing that our new "fur baby" would be exactly what we wanted! There was fantastic communication of information and pictures as we awaited his arrival.


It has now been 5 month since Cooper came into our lives, and we can't even imagine our lives without him. As a family with 2 very active boys, he has fit in so very well as part of the pack. He follows us absolutely everywhere we go from baseball games to the mountains. When it's time for bed he sleeps between our boys' bedrooms, I think just to make sure they are safe. There is not a day that goes by that someone doesn't stop to ask what kind of puppy he is. Cooper absolutely has the most amazing personality! We couldn't have picked a better fit for our family.


As a miniature Bernedoodle, he is the perfect size to put in the car or snuggle up on the couch with. We love the fact that he doesn't shed which is a huge plus. For anyone who is considering purchasing a puppy, the Bernedoodle makes an absolutely wonderful family dog with the perfect mix of playful energy. I see many long and happy memories ahead for our family and Cooper. Thanks for such a great addition!


Best regards,

The Wagner Family

Bernedoodle pupply taking a quick rest.

Having had Bernese mountain dogs most of our adult lives, we can see the combined traits of loyalty, affection, and desire to be near her people along with the athleticism and superior intelligence of the poodle.
Maya is 16 weeks old and 23 pounds. She is a happy, eager to please puppy. She is just finishing a 3 week in home training course and has amazed us with her success in learning.
Our vet continues to be impressed with her development and demeanor.
Everyone she meets is a friend and she has shown  no stranger reluctance to people or other dogs. Everyone is quite impressed with her cuteness even though she was the last of the litter; all of them were adorable in their own unique way.
Michelle has been very easy to work with; flexible and informative. The pups were started in a very good environment.
We are happy to have our Maya!

Kathy G.

Am I cute or what? - Larry Bird the Bernedoodle.

Larry Bird is 7 months old and extremely smart, eager to please, and playful. Larry is a model dog. He was potty trained within a week of coming home, and before a year old can sit, stay, wait, stand, come, heel, shake, and more. The amount of words he knows at this point is astonishing. A dog of this caliber intelligence picks things up very quickly. He is very calculated and figures out how to get what he wants very quickly! We can't imagine life without him now and can't wait to see how well behaved he is as an adult! Larry loves every person, kid, and dog, He is a gentle guard dog and alerts when strangers are near by.

Goldendoole Elsa getting a hug from her owner.

We were fortunate to have found our Goldendooddle. The communication with the Breeder throughout the entire process was terrific.
June 20.2016 we brought home our sweet baby goldendooddle Elsa. She has been a wonderful addition to our family, we just can't imagine our lives without her. Her great disposition brings us so much love and joy as you can see ... we really are obsessed with her ❤️❤️❤️

Goldendoole Elsa chilling on the floor.
Hermiene the poodle is on a photo shoot.

This was my first experience getting a dog from a breeder and I understand the appeal.  She is the healthiest, sweetest dog anyone has ever met.  All of the vets she’s seen for shots have remarked that this was the healthiest puppy that had seen!  She’s smart-typical poodle-but the thing that sets her apart from what I have seen from other dogs is her temperament.  Nothing fazed her-even at 9 weeks old.  She loves all animals, all humans, and brightens people’s day when they see her prancing down the street.  I feel like most of the work was done before I got her and it was up to me to take it from there.  She loves the beach, the snow, ice cubes, her stuffed care bear, and toilet paper.  .  . we’re working on that.  She’s at the groomers right now and although she hasn’t been there for six months, they remembered her easily for her beauty and temperament.  Thank you so much for everything you’ve done to support us.  I feel like I’ve found a new friend!!


Theresa Leahy

Piper the poodle is hanging in the garden.

     I just wanted to thank you for raising such a fine puppy.  I had my little Piper shipped from Tennessee to Northern California.  She arrived in good health without any problems.  She has been such a great little puppy, so smart and very healthy.  She learned potty training very quickly and loves to be groomed.  I can tell that she was very well socialized as well.  She also was at the very top of her obedience class.  Moyen poodles are such a perfect size; large enough to have a big dog temperament but small enough to not steel things off the kitchen counter.  Piper loves to go for walks and play with the other dogs, but also loves to snuggle up with me on the couch in the evenings.  I adore her so much!  Thanks again,
Dawn Roberts
Gridley, CA

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